Our Story

Long’s Monument Company was started by Jimmie C. Long not long after he came home from WWII. Jimmie served as a paratrooper in the US Army and had worked at various stateside companies before deciding to start his own business in 1953.  Jimmie was making a go of the monument company which later became the premier tombstone company in Charlotte NC, when he prematurely passed away in 1959.


The company never missed a beat as Jimmie’s son, Raymond Long and his son-in-law, Ray Teague took over the reigns of the company. His wife Evelyn, also joined the company full time as office manager, making this a true family owned business.


Back in the day, Evelyn would go in the back room to make carbon rubbings of the lettering for the tombstones, which would later be hand cut or sandblasted into the tombstones by son Raymond. Ray would meet with the families to determine what best suited their needs, while his wife, Margaret Long Teague, working from home, would hand draw the renderings of the monuments as the families requested.


After Evelyn’s death in 1991, Margaret took over as the office manager while brother Raymond and husband Ray continued in their prescribed roles. The company was sold to Gaulden Monument Company in 2002 when the family planned to retire. However, having the tombstone business as such a part of their life, Raymond continued to go to the shop and work with the Gaulden team every day until his death in 2014. Ray continues to get calls from families that he assisted 40 or more years ago, who have recently lost another loved one. He can’t say “No” to helping them, so he meets them at the cemetery to find out what they need and then goes home to have Margaret hand-draw a picture of what they want.


The family values and caring attention to detail continue today as Long’s Monument, a Gaulden Company continues to serve Charlotte and the surrounding areas.


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