Grass Level Memorial

Cemetery markers like these are sometimes called “grass-level” markers. They are installed flat with the ground and meet many cemetery requirements for flat grave markers. These are granite or marble memorials, which include matching veteran style markers. See our bronze markers gallery if you know your cemetery only accepts bronze.


Each marker is uniquely made in our shop, with many designs including reversible flower vases for a safe way to store your vase when not in use. Explore this gallery and bring your ideas to create an individual memorial.


Sometimes called pillow makers, bevel makers are slightly raised and thicker than grass level markers. These read back to you as you approach the grave, but you still stand over the markers to read it comfortably. Slant markers are taller and can be read easily while standing at the foot of the grave similar to traditional upright monuments.


You will see some slant and bevel markers placed on a base, this enhances the appearance and moves the granite and marble markers up away from the ground. Flower vases can then be included to complete the bevel and slant marker. This gallery will show you some of the ways bevel and slant markers can be designed.