You may have decided that cremation fits the wishes of your loved one. Our cremation style benches are designed with you in mind. These solid granite or marble benches securely contain the urn as a permanent memorial. On the outside we engrave the words and designs just like our other monument designs.


Cremation benches can be placed in most cemeteries on you grave space, we also place them on your private property as you direct. These benches are secure, permanent, and tastefully designed to be a truly individual memorial for one to four persons.


We create individual, family, or companion memorial benches. These are similar to the cremation style bench constructed completely from solid granite and marble, except they do not secure cremation urns within them. Our memorial benches are appropriate in home gardens, cemeteries, and civic parks or memorials.


We make park bench style benches that are both modern, attractive, and comfortable. Most of our benches are installed in cemeteries or private property, wherever you have in mind, we recommend a solid granite foundation base under any bench we create.