We are here to help you create the personal family monument or companion monument which represents your loved one. This type of headstones is larger in size traditionally represents two people and sometimes an entire family.


You can take your time looking through the companion monuments gallery to give you an idea of what many people have designed recently. Your monument can always be personalized in granite color, shape, symbols, and custom engravings. Keep this in mind as you see the possibilities and consider what is meaningful to you.


Each single monument will reflect the life of an individual. You can consider meaning full designs, etchings, photos, color of granite, and even laser photographs engraved into the memorial headstone. Often, placing a foot marker either from the veterans department or we can create one, adds to the distinction of an individual monument.


Please look at the hand carved angels, personal engravings, and distinctive designs in this gallery to understand the design freedom you can choose. Traditional monuments are seen through the gallery as well.